Hunt Them Out by Mikael Kennedy



"Loading my SX70 and duffel with some of the last remaining packs of the film in the world I set out to gather as many portraits of the folks I had photographed over the years using this unique film before it disappeared forever"

In the Seventh Volume of the Passport to Trespass series we are updated on several of the central characters in this decade long documentation of Kennedy's wanderings and adventures. Spanning 2008 and 2009 as Kennedy visited old friends and wandered the northern coasts of the country, these portraits give us a paused moment in the journey, where we face the individuals who have played recurring roles in the Passport to Trespass story.

Volume 7 takes on a new form from previous publications, this booklet printed in Zine form is a 24 page piece containing 20 Polaroid portraits shot with the rare Polaroid film; TZ Artistic. These muted and faded images reflect the vanishing Polaroid film.

Hunt them Out is a limited edition zine printed in conjunction with the release of these 20 Polaroids in an online only exhibition with Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY. To view the full show online please visit

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