Books / Tokyo: Frederic Lebain (Be-poles edition)


The Portraits de Villes collection explores twelve different cities across the globe. The portrait of Tokyo takes a different route and is specific to the vision and photographic technique of Frederic Lebain. Each artist was carefully chosen by Be-Pôle editions, for the richness and sensibility of their eye. 

Born in 1966, Frederic Lebain lives and works in France. He received the
FNAC "Attention talent" prize in 2001, and was awarded the Villa
Medicis (Japan) in 2008. His photographic work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions, 
in France and abroad. He has also published several books, including "My Holiday" with Holga Lomography editions. 

Black softcover with stitched binding. The design of the books reflect the classic moleskin notebook - a common necessity for any traveler.

**This book is 100% environmentally friendly.

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